What A Stylist Actually Does

Looking at what a stylist does

Obviously the best part of our job is the creativity and getting to work with pretty decor. Stylists get to style so many amazing things from tablescapes to spaces to models and more, but when you hire a stylist you get so much more than someone turning up on the day of the event or shoot who can make everything look nice.

A stylist’s job is to create visual looks and execute them based on a brief from a client. We work to create magic that shows a particular style, communicates a brief and makes things look insanely amazing! Aside from what you see as the end result, a stylist’s job involves so much more. So let’s chat about what a stylist actually does.

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A stylist understands what key points and placements are:

Understanding where certain things should be placed is really important. An understanding of key lines and focal points in different spaces is vital in creating the best outcome. Styling items should be placed in ways that demonstrate and execute the brief. Considering what is important to the client is key and creating key sightlines helps get the best outcome.

Understanding colours and how to use them:

Colour is one of the biggest factors in styling anything. Stylists work with a colour palette and understand how to use each colour to complement the brief. Knowing how much of one key colour to use and in what details. Then having the knowledge to utilise complementary colours to create atmosphere and fulfil the brief at hand.

Colours are notorious for exuding emotion and feeling. Stylists often use these to work on their colour palettes, especially when a client has given a more open brief. Colour psychology is something that stylists understand so if you are wanting to create a particular atmosphere on your project or portray your brand in a certain way then stylists have a great understanding of how best to create this for you.

Can adapt one brief into many different concepts:  

A stylist is always prepared for plan B,C, D and more! We carry a stylist emergency kit that allows us to cater a brief for ‘just in case’ opportunities. Stylists will always prepare and plan out for changes and occurrences that might happen. We are always prepared and can be hugely adaptable in a very short time frame. Being able to change styling elements and colours takes patience and quick turnover but we are always ready! Working under pressure is how we roll.

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Space evaluation:

One huge thing that stylists can utilise and understand is the space in which they are styling in. Understanding the size of space is vital and can make or break a styling concept as every space is different and needs to be used in a different way.

We know how to work out best placements for lighting, whether that is natural or artificial light. This can impact placement of styling elements and choices in colour. Also movement is key. Knowing how movement impacts the space can determine where items are placed.

Other vital parts of a stylist’s job are;

  • Scheduling of shoots
  • Moodboard creation and implementation
  • Design concepts
  • Planning styling items
  • Sourcing styling and decor items
  • Arranging suppliers to come on board a shoot

So when you book or hire a stylist they bring a whole range of skills that stem beyond coming on the day and making things look ‘nice.’ We bring the visual creative eye backed up with a whole host of knowledge, skills and understanding that allows us to create styling that works perfectly for what you want.

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