Making Ethical Wedding Considerations

Making Ethical considerations is something that is really important to a lot of us right now. I know that a lot of you are considering it in different aspects of your life but if you are planning a wedding, it can be difficult to find ways to be more ethically minded and considerate. Being ethical doesn’t have to be about making a huge statement. Even smaller things can really make an impact and help the environment and your carbon footprint.  There are a few small ways that you can make ethical choices for your wedding that can really make a difference.

1/ / Consider having a stylist or prop hire rather than buying everything yourself

I know that having a wedding that is beautifully styled and designed can be at the top of many peoples list so the thought of being ethical might put you off BUT you can absolutely create a stylish wedding AND be ethical at the same time. It depends how you use things. A stylist knows how to utilise decor and what is required to make something look amazing plus they can also save you money as many have their own stock or know the best places to get stock from that is great quality, style and comes in your budget!

Hiring items is another way you can be more ethical with styling. Prop hire companies have huge ranges of props, backdrops and decor items that you can hire for just the day. It means you don’t end up buying a load of stuff to then end up having to sell it on to someone else after. Doing this can also save on shipping costs and single-use items.

2// Reuse your decor items throughout the day

I know when thinking about decor you might want to fill everywhere with a lot of different things but most of the time you really don’t need it. Going for statement items and decor pieces that you can move around your venue/s are the best way to go to be more ethical. It all comes down to how you use them effectively. I always recommend getting the most out of your decor.

A big way to do this is to think about flowers and how you can utilise them. At my own wedding,  I used my bouquet as my top table centrepiece after the ceremony and nobody had any idea. I wasn’t going to carry it around all day and night and it was too beautiful to be sitting somewhere getting no attention. It made a bold statement in two different ways and means it’s life span was being utilised. Fresh flowers don’t last long and it’s a shame to waste them so think about what you want to do with them all after. You could consider donating them somewhere the day after your wedding so they can continue to have life. Plus it could really brighten up someone’s day.

3// Recycle and Upcycle items you might have at home

I guarantee there is something in your home that you can use as some form of decor. Anything from bottles to vases to old clothes or fabric. Being creative with your wedding decor might sound terrifying to those of who you want a  really stylish wedding rather than a DIY wedding but doing some DIY doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.

Bottles are really popular for decor so why not save up your beer bottles, prosecco bottles and glasses to use as vases. You can get some beautiful wine bottles that have amazing cut glass detail. ⁠You might even consider creating a backdrop out of old fabrics you have in the house or saving all the corks and making a really cool feature wall or bar top – Plus you can use them in your home afterwards so there is no waste at all!

4// Limit shipping and try to shop local!

Every area has some incredible suppliers and staying local to your area means limiting the carbon footprint. ⁠Buying items off Ebay and AliBaba might be great for money saving but shipping across the world can leave a huge footprint. Research into wedding suppliers in your area and see what they have to offer. Being able to pick up items and take them yourself to the venue is also another option you can look into.

If you are getting married in another area to your own then make sure to look at suppliers based near your venue. This saves travel time and emissions and supporting local businesses means you are contributing to the area and potentially making a small business owner very happy. It might mean paying a little bit more but the quality will always be far superior than ordering something cheap online.

5// Limit paper goods OR consider the paper you use

Paper is one of the things we use so much of and waste so much of! Weddings are notorious for copious amounts of paper from save the dates and invites, to on the day stationery and I know thinking of reducing this might not please everyone but even one choice here can make a big difference.

There are lots of stationers who use recyclable paper and materials and it’s a great way of knowing you are doing your part. Ask stationers to give you details on the types of paper they use or the methods they use when creating. Many designers now implement ethical choices so it is always worth asking if you really want to have all the paper goods for your day. Also consider what to do with them afterwards – consider how they can be recycled. I would always advise you to keep at least one of everything to remember your day so why not frame them or create a collage that you can keep forever.

If you want to make a bigger change – consider if there are any parts you could pop online such as Save the Dates? Or even creating a wedding website – These can also be easily changed too – which is great at this current time.

These are just 5 ways you can consider making Ethical choices in your wedding but also still being able to create a super stylish day that is everything you want.

Even just little changes and considerations here and there can make a difference to the environment and to your carbon footprint. You might just choose to implement one of these pieces of advice into your day or you might decide to do them all but it all makes a difference. If you’d love to chat more about Ethical Considerations then always get in touch and let’s chat about the difference you can make.