Understanding changes in your business

Understanding change and Growth

I know this isn’t something i would usually talk about BUT it’s coming up to Stress Awareness month. Plus personally for me i am definitely having to acknowledge change so i really wanted to write about understanding changes in your business.

Let me start by saying that 2020 was a year nobody will forget. It has probably made every one us think more clearly about something in life. Whether that is work, home or something else. I’ve certainly had my fair share of ups and downs and days of absolute crazy tears and stress. I realised a lot about myself and also what i want from my business. I discovered what was working, what wasn’t working and what i actually LOVED doing. Spending a huge amount of time on my own during lockdown whilst my husband has been out at work has given me time. Nothing like time to yourself to question EVERYTHING is there? On a serious note though i am glad that I’ve questioned things and i am really glad that I’ve discovered i want to make changes.

Changes and growth are completely normal in business – Especially after the past year and when you’ve made a huge career change on a little bit of a whim.

Figuring it all out

Spending some time figuring it all out if one step in understanding changes in your business. It doesn’t have to be an absolute perfect step by step guide to what you will do BUT taking some time to figure out these few things will really help. Plus it will help dissolve the stress that comes with feeling you aren’t being true to yourself and even those feelings of hating your business.

1 – Write down all the things that make you happy. Create a separate list for work related things and personal life. Have a look and see what crossovers there might be

2 – Look through all the work you have done so far and see what images of your work you still feel a connection too. It’s completely normal to not like some of your own work anymore.

3 – Create a visual moodboard or vision board. Buy magazines, print things off and grab samples. Whatever you need BUT don’t go online and do it. It must be something physical you can create and feel.

Take time doing these and enjoy the process. It’s one step to figuring out where you are at now and then you can start figuring out those changes that need to be made.

Step out to step back in

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds a little odd. Trust me though, it is up there for key ways to understand changes in your business.

It’s allowing yourself that moment to actually step away from your business for a little while. To view it from the outside in rather than the inside out. This is something I’ve done recently and it has really helped me to understand where i am at and what i actually want. If financially you feel you can’t take a few days out then set up some processes and systems that can work for you whilst YOU actually take some time off.

The idea of this exercise has helped me to understand parts of my business that i really love because i miss them or i think about them a lot. Also to find those things that you really DON’T MISS. Those are the things that need to change. Being able to cut these out and bring in more of the things that you do love is going to make you happier and make your business clearer.

Accept the changes and don’t be afraid

Ultimately you want to be building and working on a business that you absolutely love. That you have passion for and a desire to build and grow. Lockdown has impacted us a hell of a lot and our businesses have all taken a hit. If you’re sat there not happy with your business though and wish you were doing something else then you really need to take the time, like me in understanding the changes in your business.

At the end of the day your business is YOURS. You wanted a business that made you happier than any ‘normal’ job could bring and if that isn’t happening then only you can change that. Don’t be afraid of changes in yourself and your business. You are free to chance what you do and alter what you offer out there. Understanding this feels amazing. Taking away that guilt and fear that people will un follow you or stop engaging. If you spend time building the know, like, trust then people who love you will always love you and if they don’t then it is absolutely fine. You will build up your audience from being authentically you. Take that stress off yourself.

Be yourself and love what you do

I recently noticed (very late to the party here!) that Henry Holland has gone into ceramics. Being known for House of Holland and then realising he had another passion he wanted to pursue must have felt amazing. I’m sure he might have had thoughts of thinking what people might say but ultimately HE wanted to do this so he did!

I hope you really enjoyed this read, i know it is a little different from styling but it is something real and i know lots of people i’ve spoken to are going through this. Personally for me I’m in the middle of this understanding of change and embracing it. So expect to see tons more floral goodness and more because denying that flowers are my absolute joy is something i can’t hide any more.

To be Revealed is changing and i am SO EXCITED! If you really connected with this i would love to hear from you and have a chat so get in touch. Understanding changes in your business can be scary but it can be liberating!

Have a wonderful week

Love Stacey x