Three key tips for a fab styled shoot.

I guarantee you probably heard of styled shoots when you first started and thought WOW, I need to do one of those! That’s on my list to do asap. Well i am here to give you three key tips for a fab styled shoot.

There is so much more to a styled shoot than just a nice collection of images. Styled shoots offer so much more. There are a lot of people that don’t like them or do them anymore and that is fine. Persoanlly, believe that in the wedding industry – You should absolutely get a shoot under your belt.

They allow you to be free with creativity and network with fellow professionals in the industry. They provide an invaluable experience that really sets you up for storming ahead in your business. They are fun, creative, exciting BUT they are also hard work to pull together.

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Vision – Imagining a fab shoot

Being crystal clear on your vision and intention for the shoot will make things a lot easier and help you create a fab styled shoot. Trying to get suppliers to come on board a shoot that doesn’t have a clear vision or outcome is really difficult. People won’t give up their time and money for something they cannot imagine. Create mood boards that show people you know what you want to create. Have meaning and purpose and even create a little story behind the shoot concept. Know your why because if you can’t communicate that clearly with people – they aren’t likely to come on board.


This is vital for any shoot. I see people going wrong with this all the time. You must constantly communicate with your supplier team on what is happening. Create a group where people can chat to one another. Make sure everybody knows who is doing what so they can communicate. If someone has sent you something for the shoot then share with the others so everyone stays on the same page. 

If you change your mind on anything then let suppliers know in enough time. Don’t change your mind a week before as most suppliers will have done the work by this point. Think what is good practice. 

The more communication you have with your team the better the outcome will be. If you don’t communicate then people won’t have any idea what is happening and will be turning up blind to the shoot not fully understanding what is going on. Top tip – check in with your suppliers at least once per week on the lead up to a shoot and definitely check in each day just before.

Marni V Photography


I know there are so many shoots being done all over and it is becoming increasingly difficult to create something new. However, carbon copy shoots that have no originality will really struggle. Creating a shoot that has been done before will struggle to be featured anywhere and won’t get you anywhere fast. 

Try and think of some original concepts you can put into your shoots. Even if that is in the smaller details. Shoots are the time to really dig into your imagination and creativity – not the time to play safe. What will your shoot have that other shoots don’t? How will you sell your shoot to blogs or publications? When they ask you what makes this shoot different to all the other features they get sent what will you say? 

You don’t want to be sending a shoot that a blog or a client has seen 100000 times over.

These are just 3 really simple things that if you do, will help you create your fab styled shoot of dreams! Be clear on your vision, Communicate consistently and find your originality. 

Let me know if you have any success stories from using these top tips. If you want to chat more then send me an email [email protected] 

Speak soon!