Styling plants on a tablescape

Styling plants on an indoor tablescape

Where to start styling plants on a tablescape

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember me asking you about a certain Al Fresco dining post over on stories. Well 100% of you stated you wanted me to recreate it indoors. So it sparked a post on considering styling plants on a tablescape. Trends come and go where plants are concerned BUT there are still a lot of succulent lovers out there who want that ‘outdoors in’ feel. So i’m going to share a little table set up with you and my tips for styling plants on a tablescape too.

First step is to get your colour palette down. Green will play a huge role in this naturally with plants but consider around 3 other colours. You can go bright like i have, or keep it neutral. Ultimately you want the greenery to be focal and then pick some accent colours that allow it to shine.

In my styling set up you will see here – I wanted clashing summery colours that made the natural of the greenery POP. I chose red, orange and pink to give a warmth. Orange being my focal colour, red a secondary colour and pink as a subtle accent. Consider this when choosing colour concepts and it will make your design so much easier.

Where to start with Choosing plants

Next up is choosing your actual plants for the tablescape. This might seem really simple but there are a few more things to consider than what you love!

1 – Choose plants that are the right fit for the room you are setting up the tablescape. The best way to do this is the check any labels that come with. It should state whether it is best in a warm room or shady, cool room. Considering you will be no doubt using candles and also cooking and eating – Try and choose plants that prefer a warm atmosphere. Most succulents are perfect fits alongside some palms (but remember to double check!)

2 – Don’t forget that not all plants are actually green! You might want to factor this into your colour palette. Some have fabulous red leaves, you can get succulents in more grey and purple tones and some that grow coloured flowers. Check this out before choosing. If you want those pops of colours then hunt those fabulous leaves or flowers.

3 – Get a good mix! Mixing up the sizes is ideal for this. You want it to really look like you’ve brought the nature in from outside. Choose a few tall ones and lots of mid size and little ones to play around with.

Styling the plants on the tablescape

Ok, you’ve decided on your colour palette and chosen your plants. Now it’s time to style them up! I’m going to give you 3 really simple tips you can follow to get the styling of your plants just right…

Tip 1 – If you’re using candles make sure that you don’t place any plants with long leaves too close. Not only do you want to avoid it catching fire – the leaves can also wilt meaning your plants will start to droop. Nobody wants a droopy singed plant on the table!

Tip 2 – Enclose the table by placing the taller plants around the outside and the smaller plants on the inside. This makes a really cosy feel but also the atmosphere of actually being in a garden outside.

Tip 3 – Create clusters with your plants and décor items. Creating clusters of 3 works well on any type of table. For example you could create a cluster of a taller leafier plant, a succulent and a candle. Perfect! Keeping this going throughout makes styling your tablescape so much easier.

Things to keep in mind

Hopefully now you have a great idea on how to style up your plants on a tablescape! But, there is something else i really want to remind you of.

Don’t forget that you will be eating at the tablescape you style and sometimes plants can have their own scents. You know where i’m going don’t you? Now, i am all for adding in a scent to your table and will always suggest you do BUT plants that are also herbs can add a very powering scent to your tablescape. Not always the kind you need either. Just be aware before you choose and add them on. Nobody wants an overpowering smell whilst your trying to eat.

Equally – an option for this to work is to add in a herb plant that you can actually use on your food. It might be quite a cool addition for people to sit there and pick their own herbs to pop on their food. Just a little thought there.

I would LOVE to hear if any of you give styling plants on a tablescape a go. They are so amazing to work with and make such a different vibe to flowers. Remember these tips and just give it a try. Also where possible try and choose or use plants that you will keep afterwards. Plants deserve love and do require some attention but remember to keep them.

Share anything you’ve styled at home and feel free to tag me on Instagram. I love seeing what you all create. As always if you love this post then why not pin it so more people can read.

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Love Stacey x