Style dried flowers 3 ways on your dining table

Dried flowers are so popular at the moment and if like me you love them – You might be thinking how you can use them to best effect? So I thought i would give you 3 ways to style dried flowers on your dining table.

Dried Flowers vs Fresh Flowers 

Ok, i don’t want to debate this too much because you know how much of a flower lover i am. Both are incredible BUT dried flowers will last a lot longer so are an easy cost effective way to add some flower power to your home or space. They can be slightly more expensive to buy initially but kept well they can last for over a year. Here are 3 super simple ways to style dried flowers on your table. You can chop and change these options over time to get the very best from them – and nobody will ever know they’re the same bunch. 

Let’s say you have a small bunch so around 10 – 15 stems…

Style dried flowers in small vases

This one is minimal effort and looks fab! You can use two or three small vases (see video for the styles i use) and only need a few stems of your dried flowers to make it looks amazing. The key is to use a mixture of heights so choose a few of your favourites that are different in height. A florist will generally mix up heights and styles so have a look at the ones you love.

* Pick out around 3 or 4 stems per vase

* Place one larger height stem in each of them

* Next, pick 2 or 3 smaller stems and place them alongside your larger one 

You can play around with colours to see what looks really cool and then just have a little think about the placement. You want them all to be seen, which should be easy with only a few stems per vase. 

Next step is to cluster the vases together in just one place on your table. Generally I would go for a side point. This way creates a fab focal point on your table and still leaves you with the other stems to pop elsewhere.

Styling flowers in small vases – To be Revealed Styling

Style a dried flower central  runner 

Allow yourself some time to play around with this one. You can use any vases or bottle you might have in your home and just get creative. 

My advice is around 3 or 4 but it depends on your table size. Using different height vases/bottles is key for this to be maximum impact on your table. Start off with separating the different height stems – you can even place them in piles of heights to make it easier OR separate the different flowers. 

  • Place the larger stems in the vases first as they can be your focal points
  • Build around them by adding in the smaller flowers 
  • Place the stems in different directions so they create a nice display that isn’t just all upright 

The key here is to think about where people will be seated. If they will be all around the table don’t forget to place flowers in all directions in the vases so that everybody can see them. Don’t just place them facing the way you are doing them. Turn them around and make sure everybody gets a fab look.

Styling a larger centrepiece – Garden Styling

Style a larger centrepiece

Similarly to the last one, this can take a little time. Get your favourite vase – the one you know will give these flowers some love and create an impact on your dining table. For this one you can use your whole bunch and get mega creative! 

You might have bought them super styled in a bunch in which case this is easy peasy. Just pop them in the vase. BUT if you want to play around or change it up then it’s a fun challenge. 

Key things are making sure that people can see over them. Think of a wedding table. You want your guests or partner to be able to talk to each other and not have flowers in their face. So, smaller bunches are ideal for this. It’s fairly similar to the above. Start with some larger stems and build up around. You want to make sure that you are placing flowers in a way that everyone can see them. So all the way around. Here are a few things to consider 

  • Colours – Make sure you separate your colours so it doesn’t look like you’ve just stuck them in. Look at what flowers look good next to each other. 
  • Be gentle – The more flowers you stick in the harder it gets. So be gentle with them. Dried flowers can be more brittle so they need extra care. If things don’t fit in the vase them don’t force them. 

My best tip for this one is just to think about impact and placement. Where you place the flowers and what in is what will make this one really fab on your dining table.

Check out my IGTV to see how i style up my small bunch of dried flowers in these 3 different ways.

Dried Flower – the perfect styling tool

Dried Flowers are honestly so fun to play with and they just look so amazing. You can really get creative with them and the best thing is you can use them over and over. I hope these 3 simple ways to use dried flowers on your dining table are super useful. You can absolutely take them and use them anywhere in your home or space too. 

I’d love to see your pictures of your own styling of your flowers or any flowers you might have bought from me. Feel free to message or email me and I will share over on socials.

Speak soon,

Stacey x