Why storytelling and styling go hand in hand

Modern Victorian story styled by me
Marni V Photography

Storytelling in Styling

I’ve briefly spoken about this before but i really wanted to do it’s own little topic. It’s one of my peeves when people assume that a stylist just ‘makes things look nice’. I mean, of course we want to make things looks amazing BUT for me, Storytelling is such an important part of what i do. Storytelling in styling go hand in hand in my world. They are key tools for expression, emotion and visualisation. You know my background has span industries and i think where i am at now, and doing what i do, is a culmination of all these.

So let’s dive in on why storytelling in styling is my FAVOURITE topic with my two huge questions i ask everyone i work with…

Rich, Boho Luxe wedding story styled by me
Daniel Lloyd Photography

What do you want to say?

This is a HUGE question i know, but it’s one i always ask people and often people don’t know what to say – Ironic?

What is the story behind what you want? What is the story you want to tell people? Even in my days as a Visual Merchandiser we would get given briefs on ‘trends’ and a story behind why they were doing it and what for. It then reflected the styling choices we made. We knew who we were aiming at with each ‘trend’ because of the backstory. So we chose outfits, accessories and creative decor to style that would reflect the story

It’s the same for a wedding. What do you want to say? As a stylist i never just place items on tables in the hope they will look nice and ‘do the job’. It’s about choosing styling items and pieces that tell the couples story. To reflect to everyone exactly what they want to say. If a couples comes to me and they want to say how ‘fun loving, Bold, eccentric they are and how music influences them, – i’m not going to go for minimalist decor. Am i going to reflect their love of music and their bold, fun spirit? ABSOLUTELY. Because that is the story they want to say in their styling.

Summer days story for two styled by me
Dramatic, emotion filled elopement story styled by me
Taylar Jayde Photography

How do you want / want other people to feel?

Atmosphere – Emotion – Feeling

This is so important to get right. It goes hand in hand with the above but can make or break styling a story.

We are such visual creatures. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘visual person’ or someone with a huge imagination. Like it or not We are all highly influenced by visual effects and emotional response. Wherever you go, you will base judgements on visual stimuli – consciously or sub consciously. Let me take you into my background as a Theatre Choreographer. I would create movement based on a story or to reflect a certain emotion. When people saw the movement, i wanted them to be transported and visually and to feel the story.

It’s the same for styling. I want to create a story that transports you through the styling. When you walk in to the place you ate taken in and your own imagination carries you through the story. This is probably why i love installations so much. I mean if you walked into a space covered in red roses hanging from silk ribbons above your head as you tread across rich velvet carpet – How you you feel?

Chintz for the modern day styled by me
Laura Martha Photography

I know this might seem like a justification but it’s not. These are the two questions i ask everyone i work for. Or myself if i’m creating for me. Storytelling in styling is so important. It’s what gives style substance and meaning.

Style without a story will just fade away

Style with a story will live on in lasting impressions

I would LOVE to hear what you your favourite stories are and whether you’ve seen some amazing stylish storytelling.

Speak Soon, Stacey x