Moody wedding styling inspiration

Wedding styling inspiration with a moody vibe

As most of you know i offer wedding styling services and it’s something i absolutely love. My specialism in creating a moodier, maximal vibe filled with rich colours, statement pieces and florals. I get asked for tips a lot on moodier vibes so i thought i would share with you some moody wedding styling inspiration. PLUS tips on how you can create a moody vibe of your own.

Sometimes i feel the word ‘moody’ can get a bit confused because of the actual emotion of moody itself. So let me clarify that ‘Moody styling’ does not been you are a moody person! It means you love darker, sumptuous colour tones and atmosphere.

I think there is something really special about moody wedding styling and just the effect that it has. Read on and I’ll give you some top points to consider if you too want a moodier wedding style.

Breaking up the deep colours by adding white to the palette. Photo by Taylar Jayde

Choose your colours wisely

Colour is a huge deal for any kind of wedding styling but i feel more so for a moodier vibe. Generally you will be wanting to go for the darker ends of colours so rich deep reds, purples and even black. BUT don’t forget that you also need a light tone in their to balance out the darks. Otherwise all the colours get lost and it doesn’t give that atmospheric feel.

As a rule for wedding styling, i would generally advise a white or a lighter tone of pink are a great balance colour. These are not only the lightest of tones but they will also really help when it comes to choosing décor items and flowers.

For the colour palettes of moody wedding styling i tend to go for a balance of the following (But you can change this to suit your likes and dislikes)

  • 4/6 of the colours will be deep, darker tones from the ends of the spectrum (burgundy, purple, black, rust etc)
  • 1/6 of colour will be a slighter brighter tone (such as oranges, greenery etc)
  • 1/6 of colour will be your bright highlight colour (whites or pinks)

Keep in mind the balance when you are creating your styling concept as it will help. Try creating a moodboard with colour tabs from a paint store OR there are some fab software available online where you can create a colour palette. Here is an example of a moody wedding styling palette:

It relies on creating atmosphere

The key to creating that moody wedding styling dream vibe that you see all over Pinterest is creating the right atmosphere. One of the easiest tips you can use for creating atmosphere is LIGHTING!

This doesn’t have to be really crazy and theatrical if that’s not your vibe BUT you do need to consider how you want people to feel. When we got married we wanted it to be cosy and warm (it was the middle of a stormy February in the Lake District) and to distract people from the terrible weather outside. You might want people to feel an air of mystery of romance.

There are some really easy ways you can create this. Moodier toned colours will naturally give more atmosphere but layering together your flowers and décor with textures and candlelight can stop it from feeling a little cold. Textures like velvet are really great for moodier wedding styling and naturally give that warmth.

Lighting is KEY to creating the right feeling and atmosphere so always consider it

Choose the right venue

I know, i know. Venue choosing can be one of the hardest decisions to make. You want somewhere that is special and feels right for what you want.

However, i see people choosing venues with bright white walls when they want a moody wedding style and this makes it really difficult. Obviously there is NO stopping you from having moodier colours in these spaces BUT they won’t create the warm, atmospheric moodier vibe that i know you really want!

All sorts of venues can work for this. We got married in a hotel that was super special to us and was in the perfect location. It had a large low ceiling room which worked well for creating a warmth and cosy feel. Barn venues are FAB for moodier vibes and industrial venues are perfect too. Think about this when choosing your venue because then you won’t get really stressed when it comes to sorting out your decor.

Another little tip is to ALWAYS ask venues before you book their policies on candles and lighting so you aren’t disappointed later. Often venues have amazing lighting that they can use for you so check in on that.

If i can just add another little note before i finish – Think about the season of your wedding too. The winter months are often a lot darker so create a warmer feeling much sooner. Allowing candlelight to really take focus. Summer months are much brighter and (hopefully) much sunnier so might be harder to use candlelight to best effect.

I would love to hear all about your ideas for your wedding styling so get in touch if you’d love more moody wedding styling inspiration. Don’t forget i have both in person and virtual services so go and check those out too!

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Love Stacey x