Brand Values and Purpose

Sharing our Brand values and purpose

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. How mad it’s the end of April! I really wanted to just come here and introduce you to the new things happening. First things first by sharing our brand values and purpose here at To be Revealed Styling. I am really excited by everything going on and next week marks diving in with tons of newness and work. I’ve been thinking a lot about where i wanted my brand to go and it was definitely thinking about my brand values that brought on the change.

I knew that creating tablescapes had my heart as a stylist but there was more to just the stylish, creativity and aesthetic. I connected with the whole concept of curating dinner tables and it being a place to sit and enjoy. Plus i am a huge food lover and believe food is the key to most people’s hearts. I think most people know by now my love for all things floral and somewhere i knew these three passions of mine combined so it was time to make the shift. I really hope you’ll love the new journey with me!

Brand Value and Purpose #1 – Bringing People Together

For me this is about a sense of people finding a place to blossom. To be creative and to love each others company. This is something i really value in my business and i want to bring more of. Encouraging others to find the time to spend together. Putting down our phones, cooking some food, and just enjoying the company we are in. I want people to communicate with each other and just laugh, eat, drink and love life.

When i was younger i always remembered sitting at my grandparents dinner table, always laughing and talking. Even though it was another generation ago it just felt magical. Like it was the time of day where everyone listened to each other and shared stories over good food. It’s not about spending hours in the kitchen and cooking a complicated meal to impress – it’s about connections and memories.

Brand Value #2 – Sustainability

This word is everywhere but i cannot say it enough, it is so important. It’s a huge brand value and purpose of mine. This is at the heart of all of my work and a huge factor in some of the new services i am offering. A huge aim of mine is to encourage everyone to reuse and revitalise everything they can. To stop throwing away everything we use and to start thinking about what we can keep and make into something new. Giving something a new life. I’ve lost count of the amount of glass bottles and jars i have that i use as vases.

My tablescapes incorporate both old pieces and new, but everything is always reused. My services have come from understanding that we don’t always need to buy new things to actually have a new experience. When we are in a rush or don’t feel we have time but want something stylish we can just hire things in and then give them back! I want people to know that they can have super stylish dinner tables and small events without having to buy loads of new things that will either get shoved in the back of a cupboard or thrown away.

Brand Value #3 – Creative Wellbeing

The third of my brand values and purpose is about creativity and the impact it has on your wellbeing. I am a huge advocate for creativity and how it can help your wellbeing and i really want to share this with others. I want everyone to know they can be creative. Even if it’s just small things. Plus, just how important it is to spend some time doing it.

From my flower tutorials to workshops on Tablescaping to creating recipes that even those who don’t like cooking can do and enjoy. I am so passionate about everyone understanding how to be creative and how just small doses of time per week can add up and make a huge difference. It doesn’t have to be grand things or spending tons of money – it’s about using your hands and just enjoying yourself!

Tablescape image by Chris Currie Photography

I’m feeling really ready and raring to go with these new changes and i hope you loved reading my brand values and purpose. If you connected with any or would love to chat about anything then always send me an email or find me on Instagram or Facebook.

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Love Stacey x