3 ways to creating bold floral interiors

Floral panels to create drama in the living room

Floral interiors for the win

Is it obvious that i love flowers? I think finding ways to create and explore floral interiors can be a little daunting. After all, they aren’t exactly known to be ‘manly’ or super stylish. But, When thinking about adding in floral prints it isn’t all granny curtains and tablecloths. FLOWERS CAN BE STYLISH. They can also be used in so many different ways – one’s you might not even expect. From large floral prints and bold statements to just the smaller details. I promise after reading this you will be going out there to find the perfect floral items for your home.

So let’s start with my top 3 ways to add in florals to your interiors. Not a single granny curtain or tablecloth in sight….

Floral Wallpaper – But not as you think

OK – if you want to go for a really big bold statement then absolutely find a fab floral wallpaper and get papering those walls! If you aren’t so sure you’d want to go that far, or if you maybe rent your home – Try this instead.

In my house – we rent currently – we aren’t allowed to wallpaper the walls in a bold floral print. It’s a little rubbish BUT here is the perfect alternative. Get some MDF (or more sturdier wood) panels. I would recommend 2 or 3 different sizes to give a really good effect but by all means go for the same size if you prefer. Go find the floral wallpaper of your dreams. Simple or full of colour. Get some wallpaper paste (strong PVA glue also works!) and simply wallpaper the panels.

Like us, we have placed the panels on the floor take the place of a fireplace that we don’t currently have. It adds a really bold effect into the space. We also tied in the print by adding in 1 small panel on a box at a higher level. Plus i also have a wallpapered CD stand – but that’s for another blog!

Extra bonus – If you move then you can take these with you. Wallpapered walls a little harder to take with you. WINNER!

Soft floral interior furnishings

I know i said no curtains. I promise I’ll steer clear of curtains but soft furnishings are such an easy way to add in florals.

You can go as subtle or as bold as you like. You can add in as much or as little as you like. So generally it’s a way to please everyone (not that you need to!).

The easiest one is cushions. Cushions add texture and impact to any space regardless of their colour or print. Floral print however can add that fresh feeling that flowers do. If you have a muted colour settee for example – brighten it up by going for bold colour florals. You can mix and match with some block colours if you don’t want to feel to much like grannies house.

Other easy ways are bedding and interior textiles. If there is a little dispute in the household about having floral bedding (because trust me, i’ve had this issue myself) Then create a compromise. No floral duvet BUT you can have a floral throw? Sounds like a deal to me! Plus the throw is the statement anyway so absolute deal there. If you can have floral bedding however than absolutely go for it. There are some fab bold prints out there. From chintz feel to larger florals and even more art based florals like the image below from Catherine Lansfield. (Which i own myself – and comes with matching curtains if you want an all out 70s floral feel)

Floral table settings

No tablecloths in sight. Although if you do love a floral tablecloth then you absolutely need to get yourself on EBay. There are some incredible finds on there. Personally i love a floral tablecloth BUT as it’s a fairly obvious way to add in florals, i will save it.

The key to a fab floral table setting is to look at the smaller things. Floral place mats are amazing. They don’t take up too much space but can transform a dull, boring table into more of a bold statement. You can go for glass ones that are slightly more bulky but sturdy or you can opt for fabric ones. Both are an amazing addition to a simple table. If you have coloured chairs then this creates a MEGA impact too. Match one colour in the floral print with your chairs (or any other soft furnishings in the room) and let the rest be a clash. Trust me – It absolutely works.

You can also look into floral cutlery. A really simple and subtle way to add in florals. Floral kitchenware or crockery is also a really fab way to add in florals. I honestly believe everyone should have a floral china set in their house. Another tip for this if you need any kind of compromise is to get floral dinner plates with block colour side plates and mix and match it. Floral doesn’t have to be so full on and actually a clash works so well – especially where interiors are concerned.

Floral Interiors for everyone

There are so many more ways you can add in florals to your interiors. These 3 ways above are the perfect starting points. Whether you want to go all out bold or you just want to dip your toe in the water. I would love to know if you go for any of these in your homes or if you need a little more guidance then drop me an email via the contact page and let’s chat!

Until next time,

Love Stacey x