3 ways to add some colour into your space

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I know that adding colour into your home styling can sometimes feel scary. For those of you who rent your home or studio space you might be a little more restricted. I absolutely feel you. Or you might even struggle to understand how exactly you can add colour to your space. So i thought i would give you 3 really simple ways you can add colour to your space – without having to paint or wallpaper any rooms.

Marie Appleton – Flowers by To be Revealed styling

1 – Add in some colourful flowers

Adding flowers into your home might seem like a really simple option but one people often don’t think of. Flowers can be really effective in a space. The only downside to them is if you opt for fresh flowers they take looking after and can get costly. I don’t think you can ever beat the smell of fresh flowers BUT as an alternative consider dried flowers? They are super long lasting and because they can be dyed and arranged in some many ways – they can add a huge maximum impact. I actually have a whole other blog on this so eyes peeled for that. Seriously though, flowers can give you some colour filled joy and are probably the easiest way to add some impact to a space.

Also – did somebody say that floral installations in your own home can’t be a thing? Probably, but i absolutely disagree.

2 – Pop of colour in your furnishings

Ok, this one might be a little broad so i will break it down into two sections. Soft furnishings and large furnishings.

Let’s talk soft first. This is anything from rugs, cushions, textiles etc…You know, all those things that you will easily spend a load of money on without realising. Hello b&m haul – right? Cushions are super easy to add colour without being too over powering. Opt for bold block colours or even branch out into a bold print. If they sit against a more muted toned sofa for example they can be so effective. A really great way to add impact this way is to cluster where you place things. It will draw attention to where you want it.

Let’s look large furnishings and how you can add those in for a colourful addition to your space. These tend to cost a little more but are the things that last and make huge impact. Coloured sofas and chairs are a big deal and i don’t see that changing anytime soon. One tip for this though is to think about the space available and the atmosphere you want to portray and feel. Orange is a popular colour for sofas but if you have a fully white room it might not work as well teal coloured sofa. Just a little something to bear in mind.

Other larger items of colour can be table tops for your dining room or kitchen. If you’re a big creative then you can go a long way with table tops. You might want to up-cycle a piece of wood or create an entire table top from bottle tops or images placed between two sheets of glass. Options are endless and the amount of colour you add in their can be completely under your control. If you’re not creative then you can just buy colourful dining tables that will give you the impact.

3 – Colour Paint and Wallpaper – But not as you think 

I know, I said this blog was about how to add colour without painting or wallpapering any walls – and i’m not lying to you. There are however ways you can use paint and wallpaper that DON’T involve it going on a wall. My renter friends this one is absolutely for you.

Do you have any old, basic wooden furniture that is just chilling in your space and you just haven’t got around to replacing it? I guarantee you have a CD stand, bookshelf or cabinet? Well let me tell you my favourite thing to do – go to your local DIY store and get some bold colour paint or wallpaper and get creative. Upcycling is a huge trend that is going nowhere fast. It’s away to be more ethical and save you money. Paint and wallpaper plus a little added time will save you so much more than buying new furniture. Also – If you’ve been after adding in a cheeky floral number to your space and you can’t find something in your budget, this is your ideal way to get what you want.


I know i said 3 ways to add colour but here is a list of a few other ways you can add some colour into your space. From little bits and bobs to more full on investments, i hope there is something for you all.

  • Fabric wall Hangings
  • Vases, Bottles and decor items
  • Textiles
  • Photos and Imagery

If you want to hear more on getting creative with dried flowers then keep your eyes peeled for a new blog. In the mean time – If you need any more advice then check out my mini services for ways i can help you in your colour filled project.