3 styling tips for tablescapes

Styling tips for any tablescape

I thought i would pop and do a really quick blog today with another frequently asked question, this time about tablescapes. ” What do you need to bear in mind when styling a tablescape?” So here are my 3 styling tips for tablescapes that you can use to create your design concepts.

These tips can be used for any table no matter shape or size. Actually you can use these tips for styling in general. They are my 3 rules when designing or styling anything! But today I’m going to relate them to tablescapes as this is generally what i get asked for the most.

I will go into a little detail on each one to give you some ideas of how this can be done. The rules will slightly change when it comes to positioning dependant on your table so bear that in mind as well. Before starting any tablescape set up the most important thing to do is to measure the table length and width (don’t rely on venue measurements – you need exact lengths!). This way you know the space you have to create with.

1 – Use cluster of décor items

Styling tip for tablescapes number 1 and absolute top styling tip for ANYTHING or ANYWHERE!

People always ask how do you know what to place where on the table to look good. Well this is a rule i live by when designing. CLUSTERING! In fact i think it deserves it’s own blog. This is a really easy way especially if you are a little nervous or new to styling. Think about all the decor items you have to work with. Vases and candle holders work amazingly for this on a tablescape.

As an example take 2 candle holders and 1 vase. (Look at tip 2 for more on the numbers). Play around with creating a cluster just using these items first. Could be positioned in the centre of a table if long or round. Could be placed at the ends of a long table.

Wherever you place them just look at the heights and colours. There isn’t a huge right or wrong here it will depend on style and taste but keep trying different options and see what works. Read tip number 2 for more on this….

2 – Use odd numbers for statement pieces

If you’re like me then odd numbers MIGHT freak you out a little! Fear not – as it isn’t the volume on the TV it doesn’t count (tell me I’m not alone there???)

Let’s go back to tip one and think about our decor items. You might have some statement candle holders, flowers or something else. These are bigger more focal and prominent items not the little things.

The best way to use these on your tablescape is to use them in odd numbers – ideally 1, 3 or 5. This is because you don’t want them to takeover and make it look too much or messy. Statement pieces are exactly that – a statement! So should be used in smaller does. Also using them in odd numbers keeps the tablescape from looking too ‘done’.

For example if you have your own flowers and are using larger one’s such as King proteas or large Dahlias then they need to be used sparingly to avoid over use and crowding. It also makes them look fab and kept as they should be – the statement pieces!

3 – Play around with varying heights

Can you imagine a tablescape where everything was just on one level?! It would look so flat and dare i say it – a little boring!

To avoid this and to create much more interest – vary the heights across the tablescape. This go’s for anything – from flower arrangements to candles and everything in between. Look at tips one and two and make a start from there.

Think about those clusters, then think about the numbers, NOW think about the heights. So you might want a tall tapered candle, a low flower arrangement and a tealight holder. This way you create that odd numbered cluster plus you mix up the heights. You can even replicate this. If created a large set of tables – for a wedding or event – you can them use this formula and repeat across a full table runner!

So there you go – My 3 styling tips for tablescapes. I hope that this comes in really useful for you when it comes to creating. I promise you if you keep playing around with these 3 things then you will get much more confident.

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Love Stacey x