3 Exciting Ideas for Valentines Day

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Ideas for Valentines day Dinner

I bet you’ve landed here because you have googled – “Ideas for Valentines Day”. So I’m here to give you 3 exciting ideas for Valentines day. If you’ve read my last blog you will know that although i am not a fan of the day, i do think it is a good excuse to celebrate this year! Let me start with a Valentines day dinner…

Takeaway might be a great option for some of you. Believe me i had KFC last night so can’t comment but I would highly recommend taking some time to home cook this year. Isn’t there something special about it? Whether you can cook a gourmet feast or just bang something straight in the oven, it really makes a difference. So how exactly can i make this feel a bit different to every other night? Well, read on for 3 really simple ways…

3 tips for an extra special Valentines dinner

1 // Did you read my last blog? If not i stated that whacking out that special crockery is a sure fire way to make it feel different. If you don’t have hidden away ‘special plates’ then if your budget allows take a look for some from your local business or the fab one’s i have linked below this post. Or if your budget doesn’t allow don’t panic! Read the last blog for my style tips and go for those simple effective picks instead.

2// Style and present your food. I know, this might seem a bit superficial to some and i imagine atleast one of you eyerolled me (No offence taken!). I promise you this makes a huge difference. We make most of our decisions with food and how we feel about it based on what our eyes see. If your food looked like a mess in a restaurant you wouldn’t want to eat it would you? So even if you’ve microwaved a Lasagne, scoop it out nicely, sprinkle on some herbs and place it nicely onto your plate. You can go on Pinterest for some really fab tips on this. Maybe another blog i could write?

3 // Create a playlist to accompany. Create something that connects to the atmosphere you want to create or that links to your type of food. Don’t we always walk into a Nandos and love that jazzy Portuguese music? Or the romantic sounds of an Italian Restaurant? Spotify has some amazing playlists if you don’t know where to start with this.

Outdoor ideas for Valentines Day

I know this is a little harder this year but I’m still including it in my 3 exciting ideas for Valentines day. I think outdoor is so important for our mental health right now! If things were ‘normal’ i would definitely be telling you to pack a picnic and head to a nice open space. Alas, i don’t want anyone getting fined! There are some things you can do for outdoor ideas though. If you can – get out for a nice walk. Even if it’s round the block it will make you appreciate some time together and we all love talking in the outdoors.

This section does all depend on where you are but really make that daily exercise outdoors trip worth it. If you have a local park – take your coffee cup to keep warm. If you can get to a National Trust place locally (Don’t be breaking any rules) then i would highly recommend booking a slot to take your walk there. They are amazing with safety precautions and that fresh air just makes you feel so good! So get your wellies or walking boots out and spend your daily allowance of outdoor time enjoying each others company.

Make use of your daily exercise by breathing in the fresh air

Childhood memories Valentines ideas

Ok, i’m going to give you a few options for some childhood memories ideas. If you don’t have children think back to the amazing things that used to excite you as a child. Cinema time? Making a den? Craft days? You know where i’m going with this don’t you?

Create a childlike Valentines day that gives you time out, time together and just helps you relax. Think about how amazing it felt and how giddy you got as a child when you could get the duvet out, sit underneath with popcorn and chocolate and just love every second.

If you have children at home – I feel you homeschooling -and can’t just be the two of you this year then this works really well for you too. Make a plan for a really fun day or night with the kids and get stuck in! Maybe they could make dinner menus for you? You can add that into homeschooling right? You could create a den big enough for you all and get your favourite snacks. Think about all the things you can do that give you special downtime together and make you laugh and smile.

Bonus Idea for that special touch

Whichever of the 3 exciting ideas for Valentines day you decide to do this year, just make it count and make it special! I cannot recommend just getting rid of your phones and devices for the night as well and just be with one another. Unless of course you need your phone for a playlist then i guess it’s just the no scrolling rule that applies there. None of us really want to know what anyone else is doing so just concentrate on you!

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