The perfect styled Table for Two

Rich, table set up for two – Marni V Photography

Table for two style advice

Dreaming of the perfect styled table for two? Well, we all know that it’s coming up to ‘that’ date of the year that you either LOVE or Hate – Yep, you guessed it, Valentines Day! I’ll be honest, i never think you should only celebrate your love for each other once a year but it is a good excuse to get dressed up and go out. Or, let’s face it – Stay in this year.

However you feel about the occasion, i would highly recommend taking full advantage of it this year and celebrating in style at home. Couples, i am aiming this at you because you need to be together, appreciate all you have and put those phones away. Oh, and make some use of that dining table! Table styling for two can be really easy to make effective so here are three top tips for creating the perfect styled table for two…

Rich, Moody table for two with statement runner

Invest in some fancy tableware for two

You really don’t have to spend a fortune to actually ‘invest’ in some fancy tableware but it is important. My family always chooses to dig out fancy china set that is hidden in the cupboards for a special occasion whenever they feel necessary and i would absolutely be following this rule. Investing in good quality crockery and glassware can set that table apart. It gives it a more luxurious, restaurant feel and we are missing that vibe right now!

You absolutely don’t have to go for the fancy bone china like your parents, you can opt for handmade cement plates by local small businesses, or you can go to a local homeware store and find some great sets there.

I don’t know about you but i am a little obsessed with the whole scallop edge trend at the moment.

Layering is your best friend

If you’ve read any of my style tips before you will see this word come up…A LOT! In all seriousness though layering really is your best friend when it come to the dining table. Stacking your crockery is the perfect example. It keeps your eating area tidier and adds so more more style. You don’t have to go for big charger plates if you’re not a fan, layering up from your largest plate works just as well.

Now, i know not everyone is a fan of tablecloths and if you have a lovely wooden dining table then this is where your own style comes to play. If you want colour and maximalism then go for a tablecloth. For maximum layering add in napkins to your place settings – either in the same print or clashing!

Top tip – Think about restaurant style and when you are seated at your table what you see there. This can really help you with your perfect styled table for two.

For some napkin tips check out my three easy ways to present them below

Ambiance will make or break it

Fancy little word isn’t it? Ambiance? Well get the mood right and i guarantee this will transform your dinner experience from alright to unforgettable. Ambiance by definition means the character and atmosphere of a place so think about these two things when setting up your night in.

Candlelit dinner for two is a great start but it might take more than a few candles. The first thing to is to set the tone with some music. Think about hat restaurant feel when they play music? How does that make you feel? Think about the emotion you want to feel when you sit down?

Top tip – Scented Candles work well and eave an impression. Factor in smells that take you somewhere or that reflect what you are eating. I know this is a little deep for a dinner in for two but believe me when i say it works!

Styled Dining set for two. The perfect set up for your Valentines meal
Valentines dried flower bunches

Style it up –

Getting all the above in place means all you have left is your set up. That my friends is the BEST part. I’ve already given a few tips above so i will leave you with three really simple styling ideas for your table for two.

1 // Work with the table you have. If it is round then sit side by side and place your candles etc at the side that is left. It means you have more space for your food AND gives you a focal point. If you have a square of rectangle table then sit opposite one another and utilise that middle point.

2 // Use flowers and napkins to bring the colour. You don’t need a load of things on the table to make it fancy. Napkins you can keep and reuse. Candles will add the romance and warmth and get that fancy crockery and even small bud vases can create maximum impact. Plus your finest wine glasses and you can’t go wrong!

3 // Don’t block your view from another with flowers or candles. Placement is key! It’s the time for you both to get together and talk so nobody wants to be trying to see a face amongst the flowers!

I would love to see if you create a fancy table for two set up this Valentines day, or any day really! Tag me in your pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

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Luxe statement table for two by Marni V Photography

Love Stacey x